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First steps for Microsoft Office activation success, and troubleshooting:

Watch the Microsoft video  Activate the pre-installed Office on your new PC to see the following steps.

  1. Ensure that Microsoft Windows 10 is activated.
        a. To activate Windows 10, the system must be connected to the internet.
        b. From the Start Menu, select Settings, then select Update & Security to determine Activation status.
  2. Click Microsoft Office Activation File to download, and run the Microsoft Office Activation file: cssemerg97275
  3. Ensure that a Microsoft Account has been created. For more information, visit: Manage Account     
  4. Activate Office by: 
        a. Start a Microsoft Office application: Excel, or Word
        b. Sign in with your Microsoft Account
        c. Confirm to use your Microsoft Account for Office activation
    This updates your Microsoft Account with your computer using Microsoft Office.
  5. Run Microsoft Office update. 
       To update Office, Start any Office 2016 program (Word, Excel), select  File > Account > Product Information > Update Options > Enable Updates
       For more information, watch the Microsoft video: How to update Office
  6. Restart your system, and begin using an Office 2016 application.

Issue / Symptom  Solution
I see the message “Office is included with PC"  when you start an Office app

Activate an Office purchase, or free offer on a new PC (Microsoft video: Activate pre-installed Office)

I bought Office, or received an offer for Office, but I see the option to “Try, Buy, and Activate” screen, and I do not see the message ”Office is included with this PC”  Try, buy, or activate Office that's pre-installed on a new computer 
I received an Office version not as expected, and should be “Home and Business” or “Professional”.  Outlook, Access and Publisher are missing. Can’t find Outlook, Access, or Publisher apps on a new PC that included Office
"Sorry, couldn't set up Office" error 0xc004f200 when activating Office "Sorry, couldn't set up Office" error 0xc004f200 when activating Office
I started Office 2016 Upload Center, Office out-of-box experience (OOBE). “Let’s get started” may display. After I select “Try/Buy/Activate” and select “Sign In”, Office OOBE hangs or freezes. Microsoft Office 2016 Upload Center will hang if user clicks Try/Buy/Activate on Office out-of-box experience (OOBE) setup and sign in
I received an Office version that is not as expected, Office Home and Student when Office Home and Business was originally purchased. Microsoft Office preloaded by Lenovo may not activate or may be wrong version 
I want to reinstall Microsoft Office Microsoft Office Recovery: How to reinstall Microsoft Office that came installed on your Lenovo computer
My computer is unresponsive, hangs, or freezes during initial setup, trying to redeem, when installing Office 365 or Office 2016 that was pre-installed on my PC. Your new computer freezes while trying to redeem Office 365 or Office 2016
Office apps stop working if you close "Let's get started" screen immediately Office apps stop working if you close "Let's get started" screen immediately
I uninstalled Microsoft Office 2016, and the Microsoft Office app shortcut is in the Start menu. It appears that Microsoft Office is still installed, when it is not.
Microsoft Office 2016 shortcuts remain after Office uninstall