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      2014 Power Cord Recall

      Dear Lenovo Customer,

      On December 9, 2014 Lenovo announced a worldwide voluntary recall and replacement program in cooperation with government regulatory agencies. This recall is for affected AC power cords distributed worldwide with Lenovo IdeaPad computers. These computers were sold from February 2011 through June 2012.

      Lenovo customers affected by this program are eligible to receive a replacement AC power cord for the recalled power cord in their possession.

      View recall FAQs

      Lenovo sold the power cords with new notebook computers or replacement parts on the models listed below. Note: Not all Lenovo products were sold with an affected AC power cord. Please validate your specific AC power cord using the instructions how to identify if my cord is being recalled.
      Affected Systems:
      IdeaPad B460
      IdeaPad B470
      IdeaPad B560
      IdeaPad B570
      IdeaPad G460
      IdeaPad G470
      IdeaPad G475
      IdeaPad G480
      IdeaPad G560
      IdeaPad G570
      IdeaPad G575
      IdeaPad G580
      IdeaPad G770
      IdeaPad S100
      IdeaPad S10-3
      IdeaPad S10-3c
      IdeaPad S10-3n
      IdeaPad S10-3s
      IdeaPad S10-3t
      IdeaPad S110
      IdeaPad S205
      IdeaPad S400
      IdeaPad U150
      IdeaPad U160
      IdeaPad U165
      IdeaPad U260
      IdeaPad U455
      IdeaPad U460
      IdeaPad V360
      IdeaPad V370
      IdeaPad V460
      IdeaPad V560
      IdeaPad V570
      IdeaPad Y460
      IdeaPad Y470
      IdeaPad Y560
      IdeaPad Y570
      IdeaPad Z360
      IdeaPad Z370
      IdeaPad Z460
      IdeaPad Z465
      IdeaPad Z470
      IdeaPad Z475
      IdeaPad Z560
      IdeaPad Z565
      IdeaPad Z570
      IdeaPad Z575
      IdeaPad Z580
      Lenovo B460
      Lenovo B470
      Lenovo B470e
      Lenovo B475
      Lenovo B560
      Lenovo B570
      Lenovo B570e
      Lenovo B575
      Lenovo G455
      Lenovo G460
      Lenovo G465
      Lenovo G470
      Lenovo G475
      Lenovo G480
      Lenovo G560
      Lenovo G565
      Lenovo G570
      Lenovo G575
      Lenovo G580
      Lenovo G770
      Lenovo V370
      Lenovo V470
      Lenovo V470c
      Lenovo V560
      Lenovo V570
      Lenovo recommends you unplug your line cord from the AC power outlet and the power adapter then follow the instructions below to determine if your cord is being recalled

      Note: Only the AC Power Line Cord is being recalled. The Adapter that connects to the computer is not being recalled. Do not discard the adapter. Lenovo apologizes for the inconvenience caused by this issue. Shipment of quality products always has been and continues to be the foremost concern.

      Determine if your Power Cord is being recalled:
      The table below will help you determine your p/n and if you have an LS-15 power cord:
      Cord Picture
      Cord Sticker
      Commonly Used In
      Part Number
      Central Europe and Asia
      Australia/New Zealand/Fiji
      South Korea
      United Kingdom, Europe and Asia
      United States and Asia
      Part Validation:
      1. Does your line cord have LS-15 stamped into the molding?

      2. What is the PN of your cable?
      Tip: See the cable sticker or use the cable pictures above to identify the PN
      3. What is the Date Code on sticker or molding plug?
      Date Code:
      Tip: N/A
      4. Select your product:
      Tip: N/A

      5. Enter your Computer’s Serial Number
      Tip: N/A

      The Machine Type and Serial Number are located on the bottom of your PC. Consult the pictures below to help identify these numbers on your system:
      Q1. If my line cord is recalled, how much will the replacement cost?
      Answer: Lenovo is replacing the recalled line cord free of charge.
      Q2. Is Lenovo also replacing the AC power adapter?
      Answer: No, Lenovo is only replacing the AC power cord. The cord that goes from the AC power adapter to the wall. Please keep your AC power adapter as you will need this when you receive the replacement power cord.
      Q3. Do I have to return my recalled line cord?
      Answer: There are two types of service model in Worldwide – Mailing service or Carry-in service. In mailing service model countries, it is no need to return recalled line cord. However, by accepting the replacement line cord you are committing to disposing or recycling your line cord in an approved manner. In carry-in model countries, please bring your affected line cord for a 1 to 1 replacement in your local Lenovo Service Center. (Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, or Cambodia)
      Q4. If my line cord is recalled, how long will I have to wait for the replacement part?
      Answer: Once Lenovo has received your completed order we will ship you a replacement part. Shipping times can vary drastically based on country however; most cords should arrive within 7 to 10 days. Mailing service is not applied in the following countries: Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, or Cambodia.
      Q5. Can I continue to use my recalled AC Power Cord?
      Answer: No, to ensure that all safety guidelines are being followed, it is best to stop using any affected power cord immediately. You can check to see if your cable is affected by looking at the label on your power cord and seeing if the cord is in the affected date range.
      Q6. If my cord has been recalled, may I continue using my system while I’m waiting for my replacement power cord?
      Answer: Your system is completely safe to use on battery power or by charging with a power cord that is not affected.
      Q7. Is it safe to use a third-party power cord in my system?
      Answer: The safety of so-called “gray market” power cords is unknown. We encourage customers to use only power cords from either Lenovo, or authorized resellers, on our products.
      Q8. Is there a way to see if I have an affected power cord without going through the validation process?
      Answer: Yes, you can check the label attached to your power cord to see if you are within the affected date range. However, to receive a replacement you must answer the questions contained within the validation form.
      Q9. What should I do if my power cord shows signs of overheating?
      Answer: If your AC power cord shows signs of deformity or overheating, unplug your power cord from the wall and contact Lenovo.
      Q10. Can I take my recalled power cord into a Lenovo Service Center or Carry In Center for exchange?
      Answer: There are two types of service model in Worldwide – Mailing service or Carry-in service. In mailing service model countries, carry-in centers cannot replace your affected power cord. Please submit your order on recall website. In carry-in model countries, please bring the recalled power cord to local Lenovo Service Center for exchange. (Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, or Cambodia)
      Q11. Are Lenovo and Ideapad computers safe?
      Answer: Yes, Lenovo stands behind the quality of their products and this recall is a proactive approach to ensure our customers do not experience problems with a potentially defective part.

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