Lenovo Diagnostic Solutions: Tools

close Lenovo Solution Center (LSC)

Lenovo Solution Center acts as a central hub for monitoring system health and security. With LSC, you can monitor your system’s virus and firewall status, update your software, perform a backup, check battery health, and get registration and warranty information. You can also immediately test or schedule a test of your system’s hardware, and learn from hints and tips to achieve maximum system performance. LSC uses a snapshot feature, which allows you to compare your current hardware and software configuration with the earlier configuration that was created the first time you launched Lenovo Solution Center.

LSC comes preloaded on systems with Windows 7 and above, including ThinkPad, ThinkPad Tablet, ThinkCentre and ThinkStation, IdeaCentre, and select Ideapads.


Download: How To Know if My Computer is 32-bit or 64-bit Windows?

close Professional Windows Diagnostics

You can download and run the individual diagnostics quickly and easily if you choose not to install LSC on your system. 

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LSC Lite
Download: 32-bit| 64-bit
Lenovo Bootable Diagnostics: win_icon linux_icon
Lenovo UEFI Bootable Diagnostics: win_icon linux_icon
Diagnostic Usage Scenarios:

The following  table shows the diagnostics and under what conditions you can run them.

Lenovo Diagnostic
When to run
Lenovo Solutions Center
  1. LSC installed
  2. You can boot Windows 7 and above
Professional Windows diagnostics
You can boot Windows 7 and above
Lenovo Solutions Center
  1. LSC is not installed
  2. UEFI Embedded diagnostics are on the system
UEFI Bootable diagnostics
  1. You have a UEFI-enabled system
  2. You have bootable UEFI diagnostics on a USB key or you can download the required files and create a bootable USB key
ThinkStation Diagnostics
  1. ThinkStation Diagnostics comes preinstalled on your workstation (starting with models shipping after July  2017: P410, P510, P710, P910 refresh)