Lenovo Diagnostic Solutions: Administrators

Lenovo Solution Center (LSC) customizations for Enterprise use

Lenovo Solution Center can be integrated into your environment using standard Windows Group Policy settings and external APIs that can be used to surface content to your admin console (e.g. SCCM, LANDesk or AD). LSC offers these features:

Add or remove LSC features and tabs

You can add or remove LSC features and tabs available in LSC using Active Directory to suit your environment. For example, you can create a new corporate tab to include custom links such as opening a new trouble ticket, corporate applications, or other commonly used Windows functions.

Alerts and Notifications

You can have alerts sent to your management console rather than being sent to the user. Examples of alerts can include:

These centralized alerts allow you to efficiently manage spare parts and inventory. The administrator guides that you can use include the Command Line Interpreter Guide, the LSC API documentation and the Large Enterprise Technical Specifications Document.

Additional Resources

Administrative Templates